Pumps - Tanks - Pumping Installations - Control Systems and Equipment  


Vane type pumps
Centrifugal pumps
Gear pumps
Diaphragm pumps
Screw pumps
Submersible pumps

For fuels and water of all types, waste water and sewage.
Pumps are available in all usual and special materials.
Pumping Installations

Tank farms
Metering systems
Fuel straining systems
Filtering units
Pressure booster plants
Fire extinguishing plants
Condensate plants
Drainage plants
Sewage plants
Water supply plants
Sprinkler plants
Oil supply plants

Standard and special versions are available skid or container mounted as compact units ready for operation, including elektronic control.
Consultancy service and planning.
All systems designed in accordance with appropriate authority and customers specifications and requirements.
Complete units whith all necessary auxiliary equipment.

Control Systems and Equipment

Switchgear cabinets
Control consoles
Switching components
Display and recording devices for operation monitoring
Control and monitoring equipment
Manometric switches and pressure
control switches


Complete level regulation systems
Complete level controlling systems
Time-switches, relays
Programme controllers
Vacuum gauges and vacuumeters
Regulating and measuring equipment.


Storage tanks (also containers)
Pressure-water tanks
Compressed air tanks
Oil and fuel tanks
Diaphragm accumulators

  In accordance with DIN and manufacturers standards in regular or special types and made out of standard materials.
Other Equipment
Shut - off valves
Flexible hoses
Quick connect couplings
Swivel joints
Hose reels
  Complete KSB standard and special manufacturing program.
Complete Elaflex-standard and special manufacturing program.